Rodoljub Petrović

Hello. My name is Rodoljub (Rod-all-yoob) but most people give up after Rod. I’m a developer, in a broader sense. I develop and scale software products and teams that develop and scale software products. And two kids and one dog. And one lawn. I’m an avid big picture observer.


I’ve been programming since I was 9 and I’ve been doing it professionally since 1999. In between, I was a basketball player. Since 2006, I’ve been in different management roles, most notably VPE at Celtra and CTO at Turtl, two B2B startups that grew from 0 to $100M+ while I was there.


I help B2B startups with challenges that range from systems architecture and hiring to organisational structure and operations. If you believe my limited but undivided attention could help you scale your product, team and, most importantly, business, please reach out.


I love to write. I sometimes share thoughts from my professional experience on Not engineering. When I have thoughts on other topics and I can’t resist the urge to write them down, I share them here (see below). I also write a column in Slovene, in Finance Business Daily.


This is my GitHub profile. If we know each other, feel free to invite me to your professional network on LinkedIn. You shouldn’t follow me on Twitter: @rodpetrovic. Instead, you should follow: @notengineering. But my favourite way of connecting is via email: me@ this domain.

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