Rodољуб Petrović

Me & Ivo

software & team developer

I write code that isn’t very ugly and is almost fully tested (before it gets fully tested in production). My code sometimes runs smoothly in a browser or on a server (or both) and delivers apps that can actually be used by real people.

I try to solve too many hard problems for my own good (anything from implementing ML algorithms to vertical alignment in CSS). When I’m not smart enough to do everything myself, which happens more often than I’d like, I use my persuasive powers to lure smarter developers into my team. I then use my so-called “soft” skills to keep them from murdering each other (something smart developers tend to do every Monday) and especially from murdering me.

In fact, we usually end up quite happy working together and the long-term productivity comes naturally as a result, which, to be honest, has been my cunning plan all along.

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia • E-mail: me@